Landscaping and Gardening

Our landscaping services are an umbrella term for whatever landscape you are looking for for your property today. Give us the chance to prove to you why our company has remained locally known and trusted for so many years in Deptford, NJ and all surrounding areas. We are eager to work with you today! 

Your property’s garden is one of your biggest visual assets. Our team of knowledgeable experts can create a garden landscape for you that meets all of your requirements and needs, from maintenance to schedule of bloom. No matter if you want perennials or annuals, and anything in between, we can deliver it to you, no doubt. The size of your garden is no problem for us being that throughout the years we have successfully installed hundreds of gardens, resulting in hundreds of satisfied customers. So let us create a mini oasis in your yard today and book your next gardening service with us in Mantua, NJ, and all other nearby towns today.

Weekly Lawn Care

While not all of our lawn care services are the same, our team does guarantee that every service is performed with the same amount of care and professionalism. We will work on your lawn as if it were our own, always ensuring that your lawn is left perfectly manicured, edged, and aerated. All of our lawn care options help retain your lawn's lifespan, and often, furthering it. If you properly care and maintain a lawn, you will see the benefits quickly. Lush and green lawns are a good reflection of how you’d like your property to be seen. So let us wow your neighbors by allowing our team to execute the most professional lawn care services in Sicklerville, NJ, and the nearby cities.

Spring Clean Up

Spring cleaning always leaves you feeling stress free and relaxed. A spring clean up for your yard can do the same thing for your overall landscaping. From your hedges to your lawn to your trees, our team can clean it all up and out so that there is the room needed to let your greenery have space to bloom in the upcoming spring season. Let our team prep your beds for upcoming blooms and sit back while your yard is transformed into a tidy and neat landscape, waiting for your spring flowers to finally blossom. Our spring clean up services can be completely customized just for you, so give us a call in Blackwood, NJ, or any encompassing county, and learn more about our spring clean up service today.

Weekly Sevices include: Mowing, Edging, Blow and collecting grass clippings.


From inorganic to 100% organic, and everything in between, there are many variations of mulch to pick from for your landscaping. Our team of knowledgeable expert gardeners can help you decide which mulch is best for both your landscaping and budget. Mulch can help your soil retain moisture, meaning the watering you do will be of the utmost benefit. By being able to retain moisture, your plants, foliage, and coverings will be able to establish strong foundational roots, meaning your plants are there to stay, happy and healthy. Let us mulch your landscaping today and in return, allow your monthly water bill to decrease in Wenonah, NJ, and all surrounding areas. Call or email us today for more information.

Sod Installation

Our sod installation services are reliable and precise, always delivering you a gorgeous new lawn that is sure to remain lush and green. Sod installation allows for a fantastic lawn in a much quicker timeframe. Our team will prep your lawn or property so that any sod installed will take root properly and secure a good foundation for future growth. If sod is installed correctly initially, there is little to no maintenance, other than typical watering. So if a lush green yard is what you’ve been dreaming of, our team can deliver it for you in Pittman, NJ, and call us now to book a future appointment.

Shrub Removal or Trimming

Whether you need your shrubs trimmed to maintain that perfect look, or you need them removed because they are starting to become unruly, our team can come out and remove any and all cherubs you need gone, no matter the size. It is essential to keep your shrubs properly maintained so that your property can look well manicured and cared for. Good looking shrubs and foliage allows for your curb appeal to grow, ultimately increasing your overall property value. So let our team come out today and start in on your next cherub service in Washington Township, NJ, and all surrounding areas.

Christmas Decorations

The last thing you need to put on your holiday to-do list is untangling yards of lights and putting them up on your home. Let us take away some stress during the holiday season by allowing our team to come out quickly and efficiently put up or take off your christmas lights and decorations. We always take pride in transforming a home into a winter wonderland or a simple festive and tasteful home. So no matter the amount of lights and decorations you need installed, our team is ready to accomplish your christmas decorating dreams today. Call us now to schedule your upcoming Christmas decoration installation service in Sewell, NJ, and all surrounding areas.